People worshipping at the Atlanta dream Center

One of my favorite sermons I ever got to preach was titled “What Does Your Worship Look Like”. We started the service off like we do every service. Five minutes before 10am we played our pre-roll footage and loud music. The production team lowered the lights to signal that service was about to start and the worship team landed on the stage ready to praise our Lord. The congregation was excited as the service countdown had begun, and at the end of our pre-roll, just as the music was climaxing, I entered the stage. What would normally be the start of the first song, I stood on the stage lit by a single spot light. I asked a simple question in the now silent room. I asked, “what does your worship look like when there is no music?”. After a little explaining, I left the floor and the congregation had to face my question. What does your worship look like?

I was thrilled to hear people start crying out to God and praising His name. It was an amazing time and our church hasn’t been the same since. I have preached on grace and I have preached on Gideon. I have even preached with fancy titles like, “How to Fool a King and Tame a Lion” but none of my sermons had such a direct impact as this sermon did. Putting people in a place to worship without music was forever impactful.

I guess you can say, worship was my favorite subject since.

Since worship is part of our mission statement, I wanted to share with you a quick blurb from the person who taught me about worship. Check this out:


“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in Spirit and Truth.” John 4:24

Worship is often equated with “singing God-songs” or “a lifestyle”. And as much as singing God-songs or living a life in honour of God are desirable, biblically speaking that isn’t worship. Worship, quite literally, is an act of homage, awe and reverence in response to the presence of the King. It is paired with a heart-attitude of loyalty and surrender. 

Worship happens in moments, and around those moments are all the other moments we live. However, even just one moment of true worship has the power to change every other moment around it. It changes the way you live. When you have revelation of who God is, and you worship Him in His presence, it leads you into deeper intimacy with God.

Worship, therefore, might not always be a choice. It’s almost a re-action on the realisation of the presence of the King. It’s not just an experience or a special feeling. It’s a deep connection and awareness that the God of the Universe is in our midst. 

At the Dream Center Church, we want to create an environment and provide an opportunity for anyone who walks through our doors to encounter the Living God and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We have Sunday gatherings, Live Worship Nights, Corporate Prayer times, etc.

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