No Ox = Cleanliness.

I love to read Proverbs. Daily, I try to read a chapter from Proverbs that coincides with the date of the month. It is a habit I learned from my beautiful bride, Suzanna. Beyond being a well of wisdom, it is a useful tool for keeping discipleship in the forefront of my life. We all need discipleship. I figure being discipled by Solomon’s writings is a great way to start the day.


If you are anything like me, I wrestle with God on just about everything He tells me to do. If he tells me to pray for someone out loud I tell Him not yet. If He says to be generous I tell Him I don’t need to be too generous. If He speaks to me about my facebook post I am writing I tell Him that my little world on social media needs to be set straight. What can I say? Surrendering isn’t fun. The very definition of “surrender” is fun sucking.