Setting Stones

Atlanta Dream Center Stones

Why did Jacob set up stones after seeing the heavens open up? When they crossed the Jordan, why did they set up 12 stones?

Hidden Heroes

Atlanta Dream Center

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Season and Consequences Sermon

Small Dream Center Church logo

Pastor Tommy speaking on Seasons & Consequences.
The Atlanta Dream Center Church is a church for everyone (that includes you!). If you are a new believer or an old believer we want to be the place that you call home.

The Atlanta Dream Center Church was started in 2005 by Paul and Patty Palmer. With a van, a lawnmower and a couple kids they began going around the Old 4th Ward in Atlanta, GA asking neighbors how they can help. That simple question, “how can we help” has been the mantra of the Dream Center Church over the last decade and a half.

Having Vision

Pastor Tommy brings a word about the importance of having Vision. The Dream Center Church is dedicated to knowing the vision of Christ.

Grace Sermon

Pastor Tommy walks the congregation and online viewers for the Atlanta Dream Center Church through what it means to have Grace as a church!