We've been called to this.

The church was never suppose to be about Sunday's. We were called to worship Him alone, to keep His word, to break bread with one another and share the good news throughout the Earth - daily. And that is exactly what we do.
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Outreach to those in homelessness


Every Thursday we go into the streets of Atlanta and share a meal with a few of the 3,000+ people dealing with homelessness. It is a pretty simple ministry for a complex problem. But, it is surprisingly effective. Since we started this ministry in July of 2021 we have given 900 meals, seen 14 people give their lives to Jesus, and 18 people get out of homelessness and into a program thanks to our case managers.

The beautiful things about this ministry is that anyone can be a part of this.

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We believe the church is bigger than one group.

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Outreach to communities

Adopt A Block

In 2003, before we even had our first service, we did Adopt-A-Block. It is truly the heart beat of our church. Each Saturday we gather together as believers to pray, worship and be reminded about our goal - to show people the love of Christ through kindness.

Because of Adopt-A-Block we now fill a bus full of people to bring to church, have people leading their own neighborhood in ministry and seeing people get saved regularly.

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