How to Fool a King and Tame a Lion

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Daniel chapter 6 holds a beloved story we have heard since our childhood.

Atlanta Dream Center Church talked about Daniel Chapter 6 which holds a beloved story we have heard since our childhood

At the Atlanta Dream Center Church we heard a story of jealous people trying to destroy their enemy with a full-proof plan only to have it thwarted by God. This is a story that exposes the true reign of Christ being greater than even the kings of the world. It’s a story that should put fear in all of the wicked ones and a confidence in all the hearts of men who serve the Lord. A story that we will tell our children and they in turn will tell theirs.

But this story has been passed down from generation to generation not to be a children’s story but rather, Daniel chapter 6, is a story of great instruction.

We will learn how the king was fooled and how not to be find ourselves in the same trap followed by an age old truth that you and I shall not fear the things of this world because we serve a God who has authority over all things. Today’s sermon will cover these points:

  • 1. The king delegated. You are not suppose to work alone. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO WALK ALONE.
  • 2. Why Daniel was distinguished and why you are, too.
  • 3. His spirit caused a consideration for promotion. Don’t let you be found not with the most excellent of spirits in you!
  • 4. Daniel was being examined. You are being watched. “The world is a very poor critic of my Christianity, but it is a very sufficient one of my conduct.” (Maclaren)
  • 5. Daniel was blameless to the world. He had integrity. No fault. Can people say the same about you?
  • 6. How to Fool a King 1. Peer pressure (everyone agrees!) 2. Appease the pride of life
  • 7. Daniel responded to the decree by not wavering. We must not confuse rebellion to man with rebellion to God.
  • 8. How to tame a lion. 1. Have innocence before God 2. Have innocence before man 3. Understand authority
  • 9. The Lord is the one who avenges
  • 10. Wickedness will effect the whole family
  • 11. To change a nation one only needs to be innocent before God, be innocent before man and unmoved by the lion.

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