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“A vision is not a dream, but a reality that has yet to come into existence.”

– Neil Snyder, James Dowd, & Diane Morse Houghton.

A vision is a clear picture of something we want to have exist in the future. It taps into the potential for the future, yet is anchored in the realities of the present. It is a target we intend to reach, the mental picture of where we’re going. It encourages people to think beyond “what is” and visualise “what can or will be”.

It is so important to have vision, because vision pulls us forward. Vision is necessary, because without it, we’re not going anywhere. Once the vision is clear, we can deal with the practical strategy steps of getting where we want to go and fulfilling that vision, which is written out in our mission statement. Vision paints the target. It sparks and fuels the fire within. Vision leads the leader.

Vision of the Dream Center Church

The vision of the Dream Center Church is to be a church for everyone.

A church for those in trafficking and those who traffic. For the homeless and the ones who live in mansions. The ch racist and the oppressed. For the pauper and the billionaire. For every race. For every social class. For every past. For the hopeless and the doubtful. For the lost and the saved. For the overlooked and the unloved. For the book-smart and the tradesmen. For the satisfied and the searching. For the innovator and the maintainer. For all sons and daughters, and those who want to be. A church that no matter who you are, you can meet Jesus, the One who has saved us!

Our vision in sort is to be a church for everyone.

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