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Story Tellers Group

What is the Story tellers group? It is a group that will meet in church once a month after Sunday service (free sandwich lunch will be provided). People from our church will be invited to share their stories of struggle and victories.

General format: After the 30 minute story time, I will lead, with discussions from everyone on what is God saying to us individually and how we are going to apply it in our own life based on God’s Word and see what Holy Spirit wants to do. There will be some prayer time as well.

Total time: 1-1.5 hours

Why stories? Stories are extremely powerful because God loves to repeat what He did for someone. God is no respector of people! It increases our faith to profoundly trust God with our own pain and suffering. Stories invite Jesus to come do it again and again. There is weight / glory on someone who has come through on the other side with God’s help. Stories are an amazing spiritual wealth to be shared. God deserves to be honored through our stories and it provides an opportunity for God to multiply what He did in / through us for others. We can learn & grow a lot from other’s failures and successes.

The story teller will:
1) Tell us their story
2) Tell us their one struggle – eg: addictions, unforgiveness/ bitterness, offenses, depression, financial struggles, physical/emotional struggles, marriage struggle, grief, spiritual struggles
3) Tell us how they overcame
4) What worked? What didn’t work?
5) Lessons learned / wisdom to impart – looking back

One Goal: Your storytelling should have only one goal in mind – how it can help someone else.

I will kick off the group with my own boatload of pain and struggles and breakthroughs only God could have done.


Jun 26 2022


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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