The Why

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What if God wasn’t after “what” you are doing in life, but rather He was after your “why”?

I grew up believing that my actions were an end in themselves. Through that…

The Four Cups

Most of us have seen or taken communion at church. My dad was raised in the Catholic Church and they would take communion often. I was raised in a Pentecostal church and we, too, would take communion often. So today, we are going to break down the meaning of the bread and cup(s) they took and the great significance Jesus spoke about.

Thinking on These Things

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Hidden Heroes

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Season and Consequences Sermon

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Pastor Tommy speaking on Seasons & Consequences.
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The Atlanta Dream Center Church was started in 2005 by Paul and Patty Palmer. With a van, a lawnmower and a couple kids they began going around the Old 4th Ward in Atlanta, GA asking neighbors how they can help. That simple question, “how can we help” has been the mantra of the Dream Center Church over the last decade and a half.